50/50 Club

Help Irchester Players reach its goals by

becoming a members of the 50/50 Club….

The Irchester Players 50/50 Club is a society based lottery, where purchasing a ticket helps you and the group. Every month members of the club pay their subscription; then half of the income goes to Players and the other half is paid out to members of the club in the form of on cash prize. Each month the prize will be:

 Prize – 50% of the prize fund 

Each chance to win costs £1 per month and you can purchase as many chances as you like. The more you put in, the greater your chances of winning and the greater the prize fund.

Becoming a member of the 50/50 club could not be easier, contact businessmanager@irchesterplayers.co.uk to obtain a members form. You complete the relevant parts and post it back to the address provided. Please note you must be 16 years or older to become a member.

The club will be launched on the September 2017, with the first winners being drawn on 7 October 2017. The name of the winners, unless stated otherwise, we be published on this page.

The 50% of the income received by Irchester Players will be used to reach the group’s development targets. You can read about Players’ current development projects on the development page of this website.

Winners 2017

October – Sarah Bunce

November – Laura French

December – Kim Hollis

Winners 2018

January –  Nicki Pott

February – Sarah Bunce

March – Fran Humphries

April – Tammy Grigg

May – Amanda Campbell

June- Sarah Bunce

July- Chris Taylor

August- Emily Spencer

September- Luke Campbell