Community Programme

Irchester Players – reaching out to the Community

At Irchester Players ‘community’ is at the heart of what we do. Since our creation we have been giving back to the community of Irchester, which give so much to us, in many different ways. On this page you will find details about our community activities and how you can approach us for help in you achieve your community related goals.

The group gives back to the community through its Community Outreach Programme. Below are some of the partnerships, charitable causes and activities that we have worked on as a result of our programme. As you might expect our work is focused around helping all members of the community engage in the arts, in particular theatre. The importance of access to the arts must never be overlooked, with national and international studies showing the essential positive effects the arts can have on people’s health both physical and mental.


Irchester Players works closely with the following organisations to reach out to the community at the heart of what we do.

Irchester Community Primary Schoo

At Irchester Players we have strong links with Irchester Primary School. We have held workshops at Parsons Hall for the pupils to learn about theatre, and are organising a free after school drama club for the school.

Players also supports the School by monetary donations to appeals that the School are undertaking.

Irchester Library, in conjunction with Northamptonshire County Council

Our partnership with Irchester Library allows us to work closely with the people of Irchester. We organise special events and exhibitions for visitors to the Library to engage with through out the year. Our work ties in closely with the Library’s objectives to help youngsters
read as much as possible.

Talent Match Northamptonshire 

Our newest partnership is with Talent Match, were the group has become a facilitator of the organisation’s mission. Talent Match runs an individual based support network for those aged between 18 and 24 years to help them find employment. They assist those that have faced long term unemployment (over 18 months) by providing them with the skills, advice and experience needed for employment. The experience offered, however, is unique with many of the traditional methods not working for the organisation’s beneficiaries. A one-to-one person focused programme is used to support the individual, focusing on them and not the result.

As a facilitator Irchester Players is a work experience and shadowing provider; assists with the deliver of the organisation’s projects such as “speed interviews”, “fake it until you make it” and much more; and provides access to our memberships to deliver careers talks to the beneficiaries as a group or member.

Cynthia Spencer

The group’s annual charity this year is Cynthia Spencer House, a specialist hospice in Northampton. The teams at Cynthia Spencer provide vital support to cancer patients and
their families. The group was recently touched by the work of this hospice first hand as two of our members were directly supported by the organisation as their family dealt with the crippling effects of cancer. All charitable funds raised for 2017 will be donated to Cynthia Spencer House and will be in memory of the late Matthew Hollis.

Comic Relief 

The group is staging the Vicar of Dibley in May 2017. As part of the licence package
Players have agreed to donate the licence fee to the Charity. In addition, special products will be available for purchase from the Front of House during the show run, revenue raised from these products will be donated to the charity.

Zacharys’ Shack

Players are also working with this local charity to help raise fund for children fighting cancer. This year Luke Campbell, Group Director and Producer, was a judge at RGT. The event had been organised to raise funds for this special charity. The group is currently in communications with the charity to see how else it might assist it with its important work.

 Community wide projects

This year Irchester Players has been present at the Village’s Annual Christmas Fate, helping Irchester Scouts raise much needed funds. Irchester Players, Luke Campbell, will also appear as a judge at Rushden’s Got Talent, a large event organise for charitable causes.

The group will also be holding a number of events and exhibitions at Irchester Library to mark its 40th Birthday Year. These will be projects for the whole community to engage in.

This December, the group will stage a Christmas Concert for the village. This will be free for all to attend.

In 2016 the group painted the interior of Parsons Hall for the managing committee of the venue. It had been many years since the work had been undertaken and the main rooms were in much need of attention. The group spent in excess of 48 hours working in the hall over the course of one weekend to reduce the impact on Hall bookings.

Working with Youths

Our work in this area is thriving. With a strong junior membership the group is able to give back to youngster directly. Our junior members gain a safe space in which they can develop and grow. We work on confidence issues and self worth. We also provide assistance with reading, communication, organisational and management skills.

Our older juniors are trained in a wide range of skills, all of which are designed to assist them as they turn into adults. For example, our junior member assist with set buildings and serving Irchester Players customers. We also continue to develop our adults communication and management skills. All of which provide the visuals skills for the world of higher education and work.

We also reach out to young people that are not members of our group. We achieve this through our work at Irchester Library and Irchester Primary School. Through this work we hope to increase engagement in the arts by future generations.

Charitable Work

Irchester Players undertook its annual Christmas Card collection. Instead of members giving each other Christmas cards, we all donate funds to our chosen charity. Members raised £50 this year through the collection, which was matched pound for pound by the Committee as such we donated £100 to help Cynthia Spencer House undertake its vital work.

Can we help you in your work?

If you are undertaking community or charitable work and think the group can help you please do get in touch. We will be happy to provide any support that we can.

You can contact the group to seek assistance or to ask about our community work by visiting the contact page of this website – Contact Us.