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At Irchester Players we are always looking to the future and part of that is ensuring that the group is able invest in itself financially. In 2015 the group launched the Irchester Players Investment Fund to make sure that the group will always be able to achieve its ambition to grow and develop in a safe and sustainable way.


All the proceeds from our shows, membership subscription and merchandises are invested back into the running of the society and the staging of shows. To undertake investment the group is committed to undertaking  fundraising activities to feed the investment fund.

Fundraising targets 2017 – 2022

The group has four projects that it is raising funds for these are noted below.

The Little Shop Show Appeal 2017 – 2018

The group is raising funds to help with the expense of staging its first musical in over a decade in 2018. The aim is to fund raise at least £3,000 by January 2018, to support with the costs of producing the Little Shop of Horrors.

Stage Redevelopment Project 2017 – 2022

Much work is needed on the group’s stage at Parsons Hall. Between now and 2020 the group aims to raise in excess of £6,000 to help with the costs of refurbishing and developing the stage that has seen years of neglect and under investment.

Technical Investment Programme 2017 – 2022

The Committee is working with group sponsors, Lab.Entertainment to undertake much needed investment in the groups technical equipment and infrastructure. Over the course of the next five years the group should reach technical independence, and have equipment that is modern, professional and future proof. The aim is to raise in excess of £10,000 over the next five years to support this programme of work.

Storage Crisis Appeal 2017 – 2022

The existing storage space that Irchester Players has access to is extremely limited and almost at capacity. The Committee are working hard to solve this issue, but is realistic that funds will need to be raised and spend on obtaining additional storage in the village or near by. The aim is to purchase storage shed or units to be located at Parsons Hall or a near by location. This will cost around £3,000, and it is hoped this will be derived by 2019. The secondary aim is to obtain a large storage space and workshop for the group – the cost of this is currently unknown, but the group is working toward raising a reasonable sum of money to aid with this venture.


Upcoming Fundraising Events

 Fundraising Mission

We aim to raise funds for specific shows and investment projects, with funds raised always being used for an objective and not general expenditure.

Fundraising Committee

Since 2016 Irchester Players has had a specific Fundraising Committee, members are:

Luke Campbell (Chair)   Zoe Whitestone  Amanda Campbell  Jayne Wiggins

If you would like to contact the Fundraising Committee please email the group on or complete the below form.

Past Fundraising

Fundraising activities and objectives 2015 – 2016

During 2015 and 2016 the group’s fundraising activities were focused on raising £2,000 to undertake much needed maintenance and investment in the group’s technical, sound and staging equipment.

Through the generosity of donors, a Christmas raffle, members donations and a one night fundraiser: “Fanny the Fairy’s Ladies’ Night” staged in November 2016 the group has hit its £2,000 target!

Thank you for all your help!


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