Good Neighbour Scheme

Being a Good Neighbour matters!

Irchester Players is resident in Irchester, working from the Working Men’s Club and Parsons Hall, both of which are located on the busy High Street of the village.

The group is committed to being the best neighbour it can be to all the residents living around our two operative locations. As a result of this the group has made a number of commitments to residents to reduce the impact that our shows and events have on their environment. Our commitments relate to noise pollution and traffic issues, in particular around Parsons Hall, a copy of our Charter of Promises to our neighbours can be accessed via the important documents section of this website.

Our work in this area is always ongoing, and we welcome feedback from residents on what we are doing well and how we might improve. It is our aim, in time, to have a purpose build space from which we can work, which will solve many of the issues on a permanent basis. Until then, we have formed the Irchester Players Resident’s Group so the residents and Players may work together to present viable solutions to any issues that arise.