About Us

All of the World is our Stage

We are a friendly and professional community theatre group based in Irchester, on the east of the county of Northamptonshire. Our membership represents a broad cross-section of society coming from all over the county; and our members range from young to old.

Objective, Purpose, Ethos 

The group’s purpose is to further the work of the theatrical arts in the UK, in particular in Northamptonshire. We aim to provide access to the highest level of modern and pionering community theatre for our members and audiences – we are far from the traditional, run of the mill village amdram group.

Alongside staging shows and events, we like to offer social events to our members, their family and friends. These include after show parties, BBQs, themed parties, annual Christmas and Halloween parties and our Biannual Oscar Awards.

At Irchester Players our ethos is to provide our members with a second family and group of friends, and after a short time with the group members will certainly feel the strength of this ethos.


The group’s official date of creation is 28 January 1977, making the group over 40 years old. However, the society was actually active a few years before this official date.

Players first began as a play reading group in the early 1970s. A small group of members decided to move on to acting and set about staging shows and galas for the local community of Irchester and Wollaston – with a regular slot being dedicated to performing for a mother’s group. Between 1974 and 1975 this small group of actors was coached by the Royal Shakespeare Company, and went on to enter into various play competitions, at which a number of titles were won, including a county title in April 1975. Over this period the group was operating mainly from Wollaston Comprehensive School. Then in 1977 the group moved its focus to Irchester and staged its first ever pantomime, Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp.

As the years have gone on many people have shaped the group to make it what it is today. As the group has grown from strength to strength it has always remained committed to its grass roots in Irchester and the surrounding area; investing back into the village, communities and businesses within Irchester.

Roll of Honours

The Committee may award special honours to member of the group and the public. Below are a list of recipients of such honours.


The following persons have been admitted as Fellow of Irchester Players

  • Mr Keith Long, 2017
  • Mrs Sue Long, 2017
  • Mrs Sonia Rea, 2017

Honorary Life Members

The following persons have been admitted as Honorary Life Members of Irchester Players

  • Ali Everitt, 2004
  • Jill Heath, 2016
  • Daniel Wainwright, 2016

Achievement Awards

The following awards have been made by the Committee to members due to their particular achievements or commitment to Irchester Players.

Heart of Irchester Players Award

  • Ali Everitt, 2017

Dorothy Fletcher Memorial Cup

  • Luke Campbell, James Campbell, Ali Everitt, Daniel Wainwright, 2017 – co-recipients

Outstanding Contribution Award

  • Ali Everitt
  • Jill Heath
  • Daniel Wainwright
  • James Campbell
  • Luke Campbell

Player of the Year Award

  • Amanda Campbell, 2016