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Irchester Gala – feeling hot, hot, hot!

19 June 2017

On Sunday 18 June members took part in Irchester Parade and Gala. The group sported costumes from its 2016 Noda Award winning pantomime, PantOZmime as it walked in the village’s annual parade – which was no mean feat for resident Dame, Dan Wainwright in his costume!

The group also had a stall at the Gala, at which it raised funds for group’s development projects.

Noda Success

12 June 2017

Irchester Players have brought home three awards from the Noda awards, held on the 11 June 2017 at Loughborough Town Hall. The group won awards in both the Best Drama and Best Pantomime categories for Woman in White and PantOZmime respectively.

The group also won the Nanette Lovell Award for Drama for its production of the Woman in White.

This is a fantastic result for the group, and is testimony to the quality of the work produced at Irchester Players.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Fun

12 June 2017

Members reprised their roles in Alice in Pantoland yesterday to help raise funds for charity. The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and Alice, partook in an afternoon of fund and fundraising activities. The event raised over £1,000 to help cure aggressive brain tumours.

Good Neighbour Scheme….Good Results!

7 June 2017

Business Manager, Luke Campbell, met with the Residents Working Group, which is part of the Good Neighbour Scheme launched this January, for its second meeting. The residents provided positive feedback on the steps Players had taken to reduce its impact on those living around Parsons Hall during its show weeks and rehearsals. The group successfully eliminated noise pollution and massively reduced parking issues throughout the course of the show. The residents congratulated Players on its success and asked that we up keep the methods we had implemented.

Residents’ Representative, Lizzie Bane, made the following comment:

Players met every promise they made and implemented every measure to reduce its impact on us as resident that they said they would. We were not disturbed once, traffic issues were eliminated and parking problems were solved. The Players ran the entire week with complete professionalism, a sense of community spirit and organised everything excellently. The show was pretty good too. Well done!

Workshop Success

4 June 2017

Caroline Lomax-Daniels led members in a fantastic workshop aimed around one act plays. As the new addition to the resident production team, Caroline is looking to take Players back to its origins by putting together a competitive one act play team. Her second workshop will take place on the 25 June at Parsons Hall. All are welcome, just come along at 14:00.

Ali Everitt, longest serving member commented:

The afternoon was such fun, and it is so specially to think that in our 40th year we have new talent looking to bring back an element of work to the group that started it all over 40 years ago. I cannot wait to see how it all develops.

The Lord is our Shepherd…for ever…

27 May 2017

The curtains have closed on Irchester Players’ production of the Vicar of Dibley. The show was a complete hit with the audiences, with a number of performances hitting capacity. The week’s run saw over 700 people pass through Parsons Hall, Irchester, to watch the show.

Community Outreach, bring the Arts to Irchester Primary School

27 May 2017

A team of members hosted three classes from Irchester Primary School at Parsons Hall to run a interactive learning session. As one of our community partners, we were delighted to be able to run this event for the school as part of its “Lights, Camera, Action” project, which is running this term. The children attended workshops on staging, sound and lighting, and costumes and wigs. A interactive acting session was also held as a group exercise.

Chief Executive, Dan Wainwright, made the following comment about the event:

At Irchester Players we are committed to sharing the arts with the community, particularly the youth of Irchester. We were delighted to be able offer this special event to the children of Irchester School, and hope that it has been a memorable experience. We look forward to holding similar and different events for the school in the future.

Business Manager Luke Campbell added:

This is just one example of how Irchester Players Community Outreach Programme is helping to deliver our ethos and community objectives to the people of Irchester. We believe in the positive effects of the art and wish for all to have access to it.

It’s Radio Dibley, call in NOW…

24 May

Dan Wainwright and Sarah Liverton paid a visit to the Bernie Keith show this morning to promote the Vicar of Dibley, which opens tomorrow night. Listen to BBC Radio Northants to catch up on what these two experiences Players had to say about our upcoming show and their parts in it.

Safeguarding Success

24 May 2017

Today Irchester Players has been awarded a certificate of Exemptions from Child Licensing. The application to become a Body of Exempt Persons under the Children in Performance legal framework required Players to provide evidence of robust and sound methods for the protection of our junior members. Heads of Compliance, Luke Campbell and Ali Everitt has this to say:

We take great pride in offering a safe environment for our junior members, and we are committed to their protection and safety. The award of BOEP status under the 2014 Child Performance Regulations is testimony to the robustness of our systems for the safeguarding of our childhood stars.

Executives attend Parish Annual Meeting

16 May 2017

Irchester Players Executives will attend the Parish Annual Meeting this evening. Chief Executive, Dan Wainwright will deliver a report on the group’s activities to the Councillors and other representatives that are present. A copy of Dan’s report will be publish online after the event.

We can walk ten thousand miles…well more like 10K

13 May 2017

The Committee and a cast of 33 strong members will undertake the Waendle Walk, 10K today to raise funds for the group’s future development. Check out our fundraising page for pictures and our development page for information on how the funds raised will be used.

Best Village of the Year

13 May 2017

The Committee will meet with judges from the Best Village of the Year Competition this May. Chief Executive, Dan Wainwright, and Chief Financial Officer, Luke Campbell, will tell the judge all the great things Players adds to the Village. The judges will also be treated to a tour of the set of the Vicar of Dibley and will see a exhibition on Alice in Pantoland.

Committee calls AGM

13 May 2017

Players Chief Executive, Dan Wainwright, has called the group’s Annual General Meeting for this June. The meeting is open to all and takes place on the 24 June 2017 at IWMC. The meeting will be followed by a party to celebrate another successful year.

Stronger links with partner Irchester Primary School

13 May 2017

Irchester Players has made stronger links with Irchester Primary School this month. The group will host a number of class groups at Parsons Hall this May to give them a tour of a community theatre. An interactive teaching session will also take place. The Committee is also working with the School to set up an after school drama club for the children of Irchester.

Irchester Players launches new partnership with Talent Match

28 April 2017

Players are delighted to announce that it has become a facilitator for the charity Talent Match Northamptonshire. The organisation helps long term unemployed youths access work through an individualised programme of learning and training. Irchester Players will assist the charity through offering work placements, shadowing opportunities, workshops and providing guest to talk at careers events. The relationship between the two organisation is a result of the Irchester Players Community Outreach Programme.

Upcoming Social Events and Workshops

25 April 2017

Additional information has been released on the group’s upcoming social events. In addition, the One Act Play Workshops ran by Caroline Lomax-Daniels have been scheduled. See the current season section of the home page for more information.

Development Programme Launched

25 April 2017

The Committee of Players has announced its 2017 – 2022 programmes of investment and development. Alongside this the Fundraising Committee have set outs its five year aims to assist with this development and investment in the group.

Reel Magic: Golden Age – update

18 April 2017

Additional information on the group’s 40th Birthday Musical Revue has been released. Check out the future productions section of this website!

New Non Executive Committee Member Elected

10 April 2017

Chris Taylor has been elected to the Committee by the members at a by-election held on the 10 April 2017. Chris won the election having been opposed by two other members for the position.

His response to his election was:

I am delighted to be joining the Committee. Players means so much to me and I cannot wait to start helping the group develop. I am ready to stand up to the task.

Chris has been a member of Players for two years. Chief Executive, Dan Wainwright, welcomed Chris into the fold and said that the Committee look forward to working with him.

A New Constitution for Players

10 April 2017

Members of Players met on the 10 April 2017 to approve a new Constitution to govern the management of the group. The new governing document was drafted with the future in mind, allowing players to grow and develop.

Members present at this special meeting all voted to enact the new Constitution.

Residents Meeting

7 April 2017

Luke Campbell and Ali Everitt lead a meeting with Residents opposite Parsons Hall to build strong links with the Committee. The meeting was well attended and fostered great links. There were some great exchanges of view and opinions, which will ensure the development of the group does not impact negatively on residents.

Read more about Players’ Good Neighbour Scheme on the relevant page of this website.

NODA Success for Players shows

April 2017

The Group received news that its 2016 Pantomime,

Well this is something a little different for Irchester Players 2016 pantomime, PantOZmime, and 2016 play, The Woman in White, have been nominated for Noda Awards.

PantOZmime which is nominated for the Best Pantomime Award was a smash hit with the audiences and members of the group. One of the directors, Dan Wainwright said:

I am delighted that PantOZmime has been nominated for this amazing award. It was an outstanding show. The cast and production teams worked so hard to make this Pantomime the very best in the county! We deserve this nomination and we cannot wait to bring the award home for our members.

The Woman in White, received a nomination in the Best Drama category and is also in the running for two regional awards relating to drama. Director Luke Campbell had this to say:

The Woman in White was something special and unique. It was a risk for Players to stage this show, but we made it a success on every single level. This nomination shows just what an amazing show this was. This is an amazing achievement for us all.

Players will find out in June whether these productions have won the awards that they have been nominated for. The Committee and some members will be attending the award ceremony.

Box Office Open

April 2017

The online and telephone box office is now open for the Vicar of Dibely. Tickets can also be purchase via email, Facebook or our box office partners. Book now to avoid disappointment.

The Future is Bright

March 2017

This March Players met to launch its 2018, 2019 and 2020 season. The event was a fun filled day with the Committee, lead by Dan Wainwright, announcing its plans for future productions.

Over the course of the coming years the group will stage a mixture of Pantomimes, comedy and periods plays, musical, one night concerts, fundraisers and social events! You can find out more on the future production page.

At the same time the Committee consulted on investment priorities – with so many great ideas suggested the future is very bright indeed, with Chief Financial Officer, Luke Campbell looking to invest large sums in the group’s future.