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The newest Panto installment from Irchester Players took us back into Pantoland, into the world of Cinderella!

Poor Cinderella, (Its sadder than that!) she never had much luck! What with constantly being bullied by her wicked stepmother, The Baroness Esgargot, and her ugly step sisters.(Oh yes they are!) Luckily for Cinders, that’s all about to change when she meets her hairy dogfather…I mean fairy godmother, and with a little help from her best friend Buttons all her dreams are about to come true!

Audience and critique reviews

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Louise Blair Was Malivoire

What a fab, fab, fab, panto, Irchester Players version of Cinderella is hilarious! From the Dame duo, Dandini and Buttons, who had me in stitches all the way through, to the elegant Prince Charming and Cinderella, this superbly written show is a must watch! What a talented cast you are!! Everyone played their roles brilliantly! The costumes are as good as any I have seen on The West End, and Cinderella’s dress, what can I say, AMAZING!!!! Well done Players you smashed it yet again!

Hayley Jane Orson

Wow just been to see Cinderella what an amazing panto, so unique and sooooo funny! if you miss it you will be missing out, had such fun, brilliant characters and actors so professional  loved it!

Kelly Phillips White

We’ve just watched Cinderella and wow, what a show! The players performed their socks off. Beautiful costume and set design, written and choreographed brilliantly and so funny. Our first Irchester Players experience and certainly won’t be our last. Great work guys!

Caroline Jervis

One of the best pantomimes I have seen!

Reel Magic

Irchester Players musical revue Reel Magic was a…Reel success!

The musical revue took us into an old abandoned movie studio…but we soon found out that this was no ordinary movie studio, it was magical! Loretta Davenport took us on a journey through time, and through the world of musicals! Along the way, we bumped into iconic stars, such as Lourel and Hardy, Judie Garland, Marilyn Monroe and many more!


Audience and Critiques Review

The Noda review can be accessed on the Noda page of this website.

Joanne Spencer

Fab show!! Excellent costumes! And great dancing and singing, very entertaining and enjoyable, well done to you all ! Watching again tonight.

Alison Phillips Bales

Well done to all of the Irchester Players for putting on a great show tonight. It’s been a very long time since I last saw the Players but won’t leave it so long til the next! The cast were all brilliant and talented and we are very proud of you all. Well done!

Sarah Bunce

Absolutely fantastic!! I loved every minute of it.
Well done everybody you were all brilliant.
And the costumes were out and of this world well done James!

Steven Groocock

Reel magic was real magic last night. There can’t be a lot of room backstage with all those feathers! Biggest praise from me anyway goes to a singing Alex Wiggins. Biggest shock of the night that my retinas are still recovering from is the coconut shell clad Alex Mckenzie!!
Great show.


The Vicar of Dibley 

No, no, no, no, no yes! Players took on the hit TV show, the Vicar of Dibley and make it its own!

The play took place over a year at the vicarage with the plot being split into the four seasons – it started with autumn and the arrival of a new vicar. Then moved onto winter where the audience was  treated to those famous Didley Christmas dinners! “Meat and six veg Vicar, it’s the Dibley way.” Next was spring where a few white rabbits made an appearance in some Easter madness. Finally, the show concluded with a summer wedding between the show lovebirds Alice and Hugo.


Audience and Critiques Review

The Noda review can be accessed on the Noda page of this website.

Tom Spencer 

I thought the show was excellent!! Every member of the cast and choir all performed to an incredibly high standard, and of course the crew worked their inconspicuous magic to make the show a show. The set was extremely clever and practical, and it was refreshing to see an AmDram group play upon such an abstract and creative set. The costumes were selected brilliantly and really helped set the scene. Ooh and the new FOH looked lovely and worked really well! And of course I can’t not mention Ali and her wonderful directorial skills.
I was really impressed.

Lyndsey Twohig

Fab show last night! Characters funny as! Must say Kim Hollis played Alice blinding, likewise to you all though, looking forward to the next show.

Averil Groocock

What an amazing show! Fantastic acting and beautiful singing from the choir. Well done everyone.

Grace Barker-Brown

THAT WAS SO AMAZING!! So much effort put in! Well done to everyone involved.

Richard Lewellyn

Came along with the family to watch Vicar of Dibley tonight. Fantastic. Well done all. Good ensemble piece. It’s very hard to take characters from a well know TV program and recreate them on the stage convincingly. You guys did a wonderful job. You should all be proud

Lynette O’Mahoney

My husband and I went to see the show last night. Would definitely recommend it, very funny and the cast were great.

Seamus O’Keeffe

Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves last night, thank you!

Louise Sharkey Was Standerwick

Went to watch the Vicar Of Dibley, and I have to say Luke Campbell slole the show. He was AMAZING, and the show was too. You could probally hear my Dad laughing through the whole thing. We had an brilliant night, best show ever, well done!

Jo Spencer

Congrats on a brilliant show! Well done to everybody! You smashed it! Love the new layout of the hall/refreshment area. The show was brilliantly portrayed, excellent casting! Costumes and scenery fab as always, professional and polished performance, well done to you all.

Alice in Pantoland

You’re late…. You’re late…..for Irchester Players Annual Pantomime!

In February 2017 the group performed a Players’ original written by Dan Wainwright, which continued with the group’s tradition of putting a modern twist on traditional childhood stories.

Based on Lewis Carroll’s novel, the plot told the story of Alice’s adventures in Pantoland. All of the most loved characters where present, Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts. There were also a few baddies thrown in for gone measure – the King of Clubs, the Crone and Dave!

The sound track to accompany the show was lively, consisting of disco songs from the 1970s – the decade in which the group was formed. The costumes, sets, sound and lighting wowed audiences.

The show was performed between 8th and 11th of February at Parsons Hall, and kicked off the group’s 40th Birthday Programme.

Audience and Critiques Review

To read the Noda review for this show please visit the Noda page of our website, here.

Cathy Cunnington

Just watched Alice in Pantoland. Excellent show. My favourites were Cheshire cat and Mad Hatter. Impressed with the growth of so many performers. Thanks everyone for another great show.

Louise Blair Was Malivoire

Well what can I say, what a fantastic show. I laughed all the way through
and am still laughing now thinking about it. Well done Irchester Players for yet another uplifting and entertaining evening, you just get better and better! All that hard work has certainly paid off! Great costumes, dancing, script, band and acting. A really fun night! Thankyou for a great evenings entertainment!!

Hazel Dean

The best Panto yet. Still laughing.

Zoe Anne Louise Arnold 

Just been to see Alice in Pantoland by Irchester Players and to say it was brilliant is an understatement! Loved it and it was soooo funny have been to the last four shows and am addicted, you are all so good!

Anna Webb

Totally brilliant! Loved it. Well done players, makes me want to come back.

Paul Sharp

An excellent show tonight. What a great laugh! You are all very talented. Worth every penny.

Eloise Willmott

Brilliant show as always, fantastically written and delivered plus some classic ad lib moments in there too! Well done all!

Sarah Bunce

Absolutely Brilliant! Well done to everyone involved. The song choices were fab.The Performers and dancers were great and we laughed until we cried! Can’t wait for the next show.

Karen Dawson

What a fantastic show this afternoon! Adults and kids alike absolutely loved it. Wonderful performances from all – acting, costumes and the whole panto storyline was superb! A great way to spend a cold and miserable Saturday afternoon, thank you!

Caroline Lomax-Daniels

Congratulations on a great show. It was definitely the best performance I’ve seen from the Irchester Players so far.

Hayley Vintner

It was absolutely fantastic. It was the best pantomime I have ever seen; everyone played their parts superbly. I could have sat and watched it every day and how Dan Wainwright is not famous by now! He is amazing. Thank you to everyone who helped put it together it was a fantastic night and you are all amazing people can’t wait for the next one.