Group Management


Irchester Players is a voluntary organisation which is ran by the members for the members. Within the group a number of people take on leading roles to ensure the day-to-day running of the society and to ensure that the group can continue to produce outstanding, award winning shows for the community of Irchester.

Below you will find out more details about the people that run Irchester Players.

The Committee

The Committee is the organisation’s managing body. The group is made-up of five Executives and three Non Executive Officers that assist the Executives in their work.

Executive Officers

Chief Executive – Daniel Wainwright

Deputy Chief Executive – Alex Mckenzie

Chief Financial Officer and Business Manager – Luke Campbell

General Secretary – Alison Everitt

Creative Director – James Campbell

Non Executive Officers

Assistant to Chief Financial Officer and General Secretary – Kim Hollis

Assistant to Business Manager – Chris Taylor

Assistant – Rita Blackall


Irchester Players has a number of directors that work to produce the group’s shows; with different directors taking control depending on the group’s needs and their own interests. Below are the biographies of the directors.

Resident Show Directors

Daniel Wainwright 

Daniel has been the lead director on a number of Irchester Players shows. Most recently he has directed The Final Curtain, PantOZmime and Enchanted Forest. He most recently worked on Alice in Pantoland.

He is set to direct the group’s 40th Birthday Concert in December and our annual pantomime in 2018, Cinderella.

Daniel’s interests and expertise lie in the direction of pantomimes and comedy work. He has received critical acclaim for his work with Irchester Players.

Luke Campbell 

Luke has been a director at Irchester Players since 2015, when he was co-director of PantOZmime. Since then Luke has co-directed Enchanted Forest and Alice in Pantoland and directed the Woman in White and Reel Magic.

Luke’s directing interests lie in period plays. He has been reviewed as a ‘remarkable and outstanding director’ by critiques, whilst his staging has been described as ‘faultless and perfect’ by NODA. The next show that Luke is set to direct is Little Shop of Horrors in 2018.

Alison Everitt 

Alison has gained a wealth of experience through directing and assisting on a number of Players’ shows. Her most recent directing role was for the group’s production of the Vicar of Dibley. Her direction of Mr Whatnot in 2014 was Noda nominated.

Alison’s interests lie in comedy and musical shows. Like her fellow resident directors, she has received outstanding reviews. She has no current projects and is focusing on other development aspects of Irchester Players.

Caroline Lomax-Daniels

Having been a child of the stage and dance studios (acting and appearing on stage with famous names such as Michael Sheen & Ruth Jones), Caroline directed her first musical at the age of 18. She has never looked back and now has almost 30 years of production experience, working with actors of all ages.

Over her lengthy directing career, Caroline has held a resident directing post at the Community Theatre in Wales with the Little Mill Players, where she worked on a wide range of shows. She firmly believes that every show she directs should be a fund learning experience for everyone involved, including herself. Caroline relocated from Wales to Northamptonshire, and has been a member of Irchester Players for three years.

She recently joined the directing team. Her directing interests lie in One Act Plays and competition work.

Creative Director

James Campbell

James became Creative Director of Irchester Players in 2015, but has been making creative decisions at Players since 2010 when he became a member.

He was the sole costume designer and maker on Aladdin 2014, Final Curtain, PantOZmime, Tales from the Enchanted Forest, Woman in White, Alice in Pantoland and Reel Magic. He also contributed to costumes for Harry Panto, Sound of Panto and Treasure Island.

Alongside costumes, James has designed and painted a number of sets for Players shows. He is also responsible for all marketing design.

James has worked on numerous plays and shows at the AIB Studio Theatre, the Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre, Poole Lighthouse Theatre, the Globe Theatre, London and has produced costumes for various BBC and ITV television shows.

His work has been described by Noda as ‘outstanding’, ‘amazing’ and ‘superb’.

Musical Director 

Richard Awdry (Resident)

Richard has been a member of Irchester Players for many years. He first took on the role of Musical Director for Dracula Spectacular. He has also appeared on the Players stage on a number of occasions.

Since 2014 Richard has become the group’s main Musical Director taking on the role for all of the group’s show since then, including the two hit pantomimes, PantOZmime and Alice in Pantoland. In this role he coaches the company vocally and leads our small band. He has received great reviews for his coaching of the company and band from audiences and Noda a like.

Richard plays the piano and guitar, and leads the Final Coil band which recently recorded its first album.

Amy Wainwright (Visiting)

Amy has been a member of Players for many years and performed as a junior and adults actress in a large number of the group’s shows. In recent times she has moved away from the area, however, she often returns as a Visiting Musical Director or to make appearances in our shows. She has also directed a few of Players shows, including the hit 2014 Pantomime, Harry Panto.

She was the Vocal Coach for the group’s recent hit Enchanted Forest and has most recently directed the company for Reel Magic, our 2017 musical revue.

Technical and Stage Director

Alex McKenzie

Alex became the group’s resident Technical and Stage Director in 2017. He has been with the group since 2009 and has held a number of backstage posts and has been the stage manager for a number of shows, with Players and other groups, prior to his appointment.

He holds a number of qualifications relating to the dramatic arts, including a degree in Performing Arts, which he obtained from the University of Bedfordshire. Alex has a wealth of performance and technical management experience. He also has directing and choreography skills, and is an actor himself – allowing him to assist all the production team and cast with ease. Alex is fully trained and experienced in lighting and sound.

His work has appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Alex has been the recipient of a Noda Award for lighting design.



Chloe Ellson

Chloe became the group’s resident choreographer in 2015, although she began her work with Irchester Players earlier that year as an assistant choreographer. She has choreographed numbers for the Final Curtain, PantOZmime and was the led choreographer for Tales from the Enchanted Forest and the sole choreographer for Alice in Pantoland in 2016 and Reel Magic. Her work has received critical acclaim with Noda noting her numbers as ‘excellent’, ‘outstanding’ and ‘awesome’.

She currently studies BTEC Level 3 Dance at Northampton College and has undertaken a number ISTD dance qualifications. She has been a member of Irchester Players for six years.


Daniel Wainwright

Daniel has written a large number of pantomimes, plays and revues for Irchester Players. He has also contributed to an equally large number of scripts written by other writers for the group.

His recent works include: Harry Panto, The Final Curtain, PantOZmime, Enchanted Forest, and Alice in Pantoland. He is currently working on Cinderella, Enchanted Forest II and a musical revue.

He specialises in comedic work and is well known for putting a modern twist of well loved stories. He has obtained a number of NODA nominations for his work and is critically acclaimed.


Alice in Pantoland: “The script written by Daniel Wainwright was excellent, it was very well-crafted, hilariously funny and sported more than a dozen superbly defined characters.”

PantOZmime: “The pantomime was an original and well-crafted script written by the very talented Dan Wainwright.”

Final Curtain: “The production was both written and directed by Dan Wainwright who has again impressed in the show his own unique style and wit.”

Caroline Lomax-Daniels

After a number of years of directing Caroline grew tired of trying to ‘fit’ actors to existing scripts and decided to start writing her own work. She became the resident writer at Little Mill Players, which operates from a theatre in Wales. She wrote, directed and produced the group’s hit 2014 pantomime, A Proper Pantomime.

She has written pantomimes, plays, radio dramas and screenplays. Caroline works collaboratively, encouraging everyone to bring their ideas to the table and contribute through her own creativity and writing process.

Producers and Managers

Executive Producer

Luke Campbell

Producers and Assistant Producers

Ali Everitt, Chris Taylor, Kim Hollis, Laura French, Tom Spencer, Bob Mutch

Technical and Sound Consultants

Lab. Entertainment

Chaperone Manager

Zoe Whitestone

Hospitality Manager

Amanda Campbell

Head Steward

Phillip Horell