Becoming a member of Irchester Players

If you become a member of Irchester Players you will get a lifetime of love, and it could just be the best decision you make this year!

The group is one big family, and can offer you and your family a safe environment to perform armature arts at the highest level. We have one simply ethos, to ensure that you love every minutes you spend with the group performing or socially. We work hard to create a family atmposhre which people do not want to leave.

The process for becoming a member could no be easier, you need to complete a members joining form, and follow the process detailed on that form. Our application process is managed by an external database service – Members MoJo, visit our site on this provider to apply.

There is a small administration fee to become a member and then you will need to pay your annual subscription fee. Once this is complete you will be a member of one of the county’s best amateur dramatic groups. You will be able to perform on stage, work off stage and socialise at our events. You will also obtain all the rights and privileges of a member that are guaranteed under the constitution.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact

Members testimonies

Bob Mutch

“The opportunities to perform are endless. Whether that’s as a dancer, singer, comedian, straight actor; there’s always a part or a show for you!”

Chris Taylor

“Becoming a member with Irchester Players means becoming a part of one big family! And also the chance to perform in anything from serious plays, to Pantomimes, something for everyone!” Current Members

Rita Blackall

Welcoming. Warm. Friendly. Professional. Just brilliant really.

Grace Baker-Brown

The best Am Dram group to ever exist! My family!

Chloe Ellson

Such a talented group of people. Proud to call myself a member. One big family

Megan Hooton

A lovely group of people I call family

Emma Ellson

Such a welcoming group! I’ve loved being a part of the Players family for the past seven years. The members are extremely supportive, even outside of the group. The shows, sets and costumes are fantastic and the musical direction is great! I am so proud to be a member of Irchester Players!

Charlotte Wiggins

A place where you can feel at home, one giant family who accepts everyone!

Joby Blair

Best Am Dram group around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayne Wiggins

A welcoming group I am happy to have my whole family involved in!

Alice Dodds

The place that has become family over the past 5 years, so ridiculously proud of everything achieved.

Current Members

If you are currently a member of Irchester Players, make sure you are signed up to the member’s zone on this website, and to the group’s Facebook page. Here you will get access to:

  • The most up-to-date events and shows
  • Important documents and minutes
  • Access to merchandise
  • To find out all about the Committee and its role
  • Read about our procedures and policies
  • Read about those who protect our children

So be sure to sign up, it is your zone to get all the Players information you need. To renew your membership please visit MoJo Membership.

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